Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rest in Peace, Jupiter

Yesterday, was one of the worst days we have ever had on the farm. I had stayed up all night checking on Jupiter who was due to kid. The first one she delivered was unresponsive, and her lungs were full of fluid. Fortunately, I was able to rub and shake, and suction most of it out. I put her on antibiotics to keep the rest of the fluid from turning into pneumonia. Once she was brought into the house, she took her bottle well and has proven to be very strong.

Unfortunately, there was a 12 pound buckling behind this beautiful doeling. His head and shoulders were twisted to the side. It was too late to save him, and Jupiter was already going into shock. I brought her in the house, and put a sweat shirt on her to keep her warm.

Despite my efforts to save her, Jupiter died at 10:30 pm on Wednesday February 10th. she spent her last moments in my arms, next to her daughter.Jupiter will be very sorely missed. She is survived by her best friend, Lakeshore Coco Chanel and her longtime beau, Cream of Kansas Instant Karma.