Friday, April 16, 2010

Kidding Time

Here at Dancing Dog Dairy, we make every effort to be present at each goat's birth. Firstly, it is easier to pull the kids for bottle feeding sooner than it is to attempt this after the mother has become attached to them. Secondly, although most goats are fully capable of giving birth unassisted, sometimes they just need a little help getting the kids out, and cleaned off.

There are ligaments located on either side of the tail head. As the due date approaches, these loosen and finally disappear about 12 hours prior to kidding.

You can see the sunken triangles on either side of Luna's tail. I knew we would not be waiting much longer.

"Jedi ears" are another sign that kidding is eminent. See how hard she is concentrating?

Next, she paws the ground and lies down to get comfortable.

As she pushes, a sack of amber fluid appears. This helps to fully dialate the cervix.

Soon, the bubble is completely out.

and we can see one hoof and a nose.

I tried to feel for the other hoof, and help the baby get in the right position for easy passage.

Her head came out while one leg was still bent backwards, so I quickly cleaned off her face to make sure she could breathe.

The rest of the kid was born with the next contraction.

I passed her off to my mother so I could focus on the next kid.

The sack around this one was particularly tough. I needed to break it open, to dry her face.

My sister, Olivia, takes them in the house to dry and name them.

Even though they are in the house, I like to tie off their navels and dip them in Iodine. You would think I'm killing her-death by dental floss.

24 hours later, when they have had colostrum and I'm sure they are doing well, we take them outside for a frolic. Both Emmaline and Evangeline are for sale. Just think, these sweet goat kisses could soon be yours.