Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How it all Began

My very first love was a bad dog named Poindexter. He routinely bit my dad and frightened repairmen up the front tree, but to me he was flawless. When I grew older, my parents gave in and bought other pets for me.

I got a couple of cats,and a few more dogs,

and started taking riding lessons.
Soon we had more animals than could be legally housed on a suburban lot. There was only one thing to do. We had to move to a farm. As soon as the new house was unpacked, my parents bought me a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goats. My mom had to have her own goat and, of course, we needed a Great Pyrenees to guard over them all.

We bought chickens and turkeys.

I got Tino, a retired Thoroughbred race horse.

Next, I got a little Dexter Heifer.Now, that our little farm is complete, we are beginning the process to become licensed to sell raw milk, and cheese. If you are interested in becoming a customer, you can contact me at or see our website

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  1. I love your blogging style! I will be back often to read!