Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Intrducing Oatmeal Angel Mrs. Ginger Muffin

It is well documented that cows have a secret code of honor preventing them from ever calving during daylight, or fair weather, or anytime that it is convenient for their human owners.

It is ALMOST as well known that 2 year olds have very little patience.

We have expecting April to calve any second for at least two months. My little sister finally took matters into her own hands.

First she tried reading Black Beauty to the calf.

Then she made sure the calf understood that she would receive lots of love if she would just be born.

She also preformed a very secret ritual, that involved metal bowls, bath bomb and wishes, but that isn't something she is willing to divulge just yet. Thanks to Louisa's hard work and ingenuity, Oatmeal, Angel Mrs. Ginger Muffin was born at 6:00 this morning right when I was going out to start chores.

Henry gave her a bottle of colostrum while I tried to teach April about being milked.
Our Great Pyrenees, Bea introduced herself to the newcomer.
Louisa finally woke up and got a chance to greet Mrs. Ginger.


  1. That is SO CUTE! I love the birthing ritual. :-) What an adorable calf. Congratulations!