Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Your Soap Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

This week we were soaping about 90 pounds of Frankincense and Myrrh soap. Unfortunately, some of that soaping was late at night after Louisa and Vivienne were asleep, and one batch turned out badly mangled and just plain ugly. There is no way we could throw out 10 pounds of soap, so we started frantically looking for a way to make lemonade.

We ground it up in the food processor, and added a little milk before starting to melt it down in the double boiler. In another bowl we started melting some scraps from a Fresh Ginger soap that overheated and developed holes in the middle of each bar. Man, that stuff is expensive.

Why do these things always go wrong when we are using the expensive oils?

When it started to get translucent, we added some Vanilla Essential Oil to the Frank and Myrrh to darken it and because everything is better with a little vanilla. When it was fully melted, we glopped it in the mold, added some melt-and-pour glycerin "crystals" and sprinkle with activated charcoal for good measure.
Next, we added some dried mint from Marygrace's garden to the ginger soap because everything is better with mint from Marygrace's garden.

When that was almost melted, we glopped it into the mold on top of the other layers.and added more "crystals" and some brown sugar because Louisa suggested it, and well, can you think of anything that isn't better with brown sugar?
When we cut into this hodge-podge concoction, we were relived to find a soap that is a far cry from the ugly lemons we started out with.

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