Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Fermented Suint Method of Cleaning Wool

If you love the yarn from Dancing Dog Dairy, you may have wondered how we get from this, 

to this. Some traditional methods call for harsh chemicals and many hot water rinses. One of our core values is promoting a healthy planet, so we went looking for an ecco-friendly method of cleaning fleeces, and here it is.

First, put several gallons of distilled water or rain water in a tub and add a "high grease" fleece. We used Rambouillet. Let it soak for seven days.

Rinse in cold water. 

Add rinse water to your garden.

Dry the fleece in the sun.

Add a "low grease" fleece to the fermentation vat, we used Shetland. 

Submerge it in the liquid and leave for two days.

Rinse in cold water.

Dry in the sun.


and spin; it's that easy.

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